Honor and Celebrate Your Story

I am one of millions whose life has been affected by trauma and relational abuse. Most of my life has been spent isolated by shame and the belief that if anyone knew about my life, they wouldn’t believe me, or they would reject me. So, I hid the deepest, most significant parts of my story.

I survived childhood sexual abuse and after 40 years of therapy and work, I was certain its nocuous hold on my life was broken. But I’ve since discovered that healing is a lifelong journey and God is graciously and patiently in the entire process. So, I live and breathe and when He touches something He wants to heal, I kick and scream at first and then wave the white flag of surrender.

The work I’ve done has ranged from flipping burgers, to dog grooming, housekeeping, waiting tables, administrative and executive assisting, musician/ songwriter and church and worship leadership. I currently work in writing and publishing on my church staff and serve in songwriting and worship leading on occasion.

My passion has always been writing, and with that, I feel called to declare God and share His word and tell the stories that have been dormant for decades and through them to bring about healing. For myself and others.

I grew up a devout Catholic, an experience I found exhilarating and filled with wonder as a child. I was born again at 20 years old and converted to the Charismatic expression of Christianity with varied and life altering experiences.

I have nestled into a more spiritual expression of simply following Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Bible, filled and lead by the Holy Spirit. I don’t subscribe to any political affiliation nor religious affiliation nor politics in religion nor religion in politics. Although I can be vocal about both, my belief is that either mixture only leads to ungodliness and corruption. I suppose that’s why Jesus gave credence to neither.

My most significant work is mothering and family. After 42 years of marriage, 3 grown kids (two of which are identical twin professional wrestlers) and 2 grands with one on the way, I’ve learned a thing or two and share those experiences as well.

My work at “Beautiful You” is to share my hope and strength and the redemptive work God is doing in my life and invite you into the healing with me. I share tools and encouragement that God has ministered to me for wherever you are in life, to break shame and step into a beautiful life. My blog and everything represented here is to bring you hope and to let you know you are not alone.

I’m learning to speak the truth of my heart while fighting fear of rejection and judgement. I’m understanding the power of forgiveness and nurturing. Mostly toward myself.

I open the door of my heart and pour out my anguish and questions without fear of divine reprisal. After all, King David did these things and he was greatly loved by God and called “the man after God’s own heart.” I figure if it’s good enough for David, it’s good enough for me.

Most impacting to my healing is discovering the power of honoring and celebrating my story and realizing it’s all sacred to God. My heart is to help you do the same.

I’ve often heard the comment, “well I don’t let my past define me.” To that, I say this: My past most definitely defines me. The abuse I suffered impacted my life like a giant meteor hitting the face of the earth. That piece of ground is never going to be the same. Yet, my healing defines me more profoundly.

The resilience God has forged in me through the events of my life, marks me more notably. Most defining is the love of God that rescued me and is transforming my life. That love continually walks me into a place of wholeness. That love is what “Beautiful You” is all about.


“Crisie carries a unique gift that exposes everyone to what it truly means to be overwhelmed by the Love of our Abba Father!”

Pat & Karen Schatzline Evangelist & Author Remnant Ministries International

THE BEAUTIFUL YOU DEVOTIONAL is a great place to start your healing journey if you’re ready. I take you along with me as I journaled, cried and let God love me and I’ve written it all down so you can experience healing too. ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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Filled with scripture, personal journal entries and action steps to make your every day BEAUTIFUL.

Come Out! Come Out! Whoever You Are!

You are not “less than, minimal, powerless, inconsequential or sub-human, or less than others.”

Others are not “more important, superior, smarter, prettier or more wanted”. You are not “invisible, unwanted, despised, rejected”. You are not “small, without”. You count. You are valuable and matter greatly.

God has created you ON PURPOSE!! You were His idea. He wanted you here. He dreamed you here.

He saw you as a child, when you were small. He made you LOUD, QUIET, CRAZY, FUNNY, HAPPY, FUN, SILLY , ADVENTUROUS, TALKATIVE, CREATIVE,compassionate and passionate about life. Things. People. Issues.

How God made you is what He wanted and He needs you to be THAT!

Stop hiding yourself.

Stop covering yourself up as if you have something to be ashamed of!

Stop covering up. Stop minimizing yourself. You don’t do anyone any favors when you do that.

You rob the world of you and you rob the Lord of His glory.

Come out of hiding and be FULLY who are!

What anyone else thinks of who you are is inconsequential to God!

The first step to healing is to STOP RIGHT NOW rejecting yourself! You will not move forward one inch if you don’t step into a space of self-care and love! This PODCAST about understanding and breaking self-rejection can help you do just that! Decide today that you’re going to believe what God says about you!!

New Devotional Series

Join me for a new devotional series called “God’s Design”. If you long for healthy family relationships, this study is right up your alley.

So often, it’s the brokenness of our souls that makes it so difficult to connect with others. Our defenses are constantly up, we feel vulnerable all the time and fear trusting. These wounds can drive our relationships in very unhealthy ways.

There is hope though! God is the ultimate authority on conducting life-giving relationships. That is why the title of this series is “God’s Design”. I believe his Word is full of truths that can help heal and even deepen these relationships if we take some steps of faith.

If you already subscribe to the devotional, you have automatic access into this new series. If you haven’t subscribed yet, now is the perfect time to do it. This devotional is totally FREE and my gift to you to encourage you on your healing journey.


“Our dear friend Psalmist Crisie Hutchings breathes life, anointing, and freedom into every place she ministers. I was personally transformed by the presence of God as she ministered. Crisie carries a unique gift that exposes everyone to what it truly means to be overwhelmed by the Love of our Abba Father! Rarely, have I met […]

Patrick & Karen Schatzline Evangelist & author Remnant Ministries International

I’ve had the extreme honor of knowing for about 10 years now. I have still to this day never met a woman I can compare to. Let me just be completely honest and say that she was one of the first worship leaders, songwriters, and musicians I’d met whom I believe with all my heart […]

Jennifer Lopez |Worship leader/Musician 2nd City Church, Chicago

“After a devastating season of grief and brokenness in my life and ministry, I was introduced to Crisie Hutchings Music and the Worship Life. I needed a saturation of God’s presence in my life and God used her music ministry as a form of healing from everything I had been through. Sitting under the Presence […]

Barbara Riley / Friend & Conference Attendee

Crisie Hutchings, is one of my favorite worship leaders. I have known her for at least ten years. I met Crisie during her time as the worship leader at Covenant Love Church. She has a fire and passion with not only an amazing voice but a true heart of a worshipper. She is a leader […]

Cindy Hunt | Clarion Call International Ministry


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