“Our dear friend Psalmist Crisie Hutchings breathes life, anointing, and freedom into every place she ministers.”

Patrick & Karen Schatzline Evangelist & author Remnant Ministries International

Life is a journey. Let’s walk together.

I wear many hats but no matter which I have on at the time, it is always my passion to heal, inspire and encourage. For over 20 years, I’ve written, performed and published songs, led worship, communicated and inspired others through writing and speaking. Communication is the key to truth, understanding, empathy and compassion. Is it any wonder Jesus is called “The Word”?

A word, fitly spoken or written can change the trajectory of a life or purpose. Words are powerful. We can use them to build or tear down. I choose to build. I choose to inspire and heal.

Family. We may not have it all together but together we have it all!

I’m 42 years married to John (the guy right behind me with the hat on, yellow shirt), with 3 grown kids (the beauty I’m hugging and the two tall crazy bearded guys to the left- yes they’re identical twins-), MIL to the sweet girls under the bearded guys and the guy right behind the beauty) Granny to (the sweetie on top of the bearded guys) an adult grandson + 1 on the way. Bet you can’t guess which one is my sister! Jesus and family are everything. When I’m not creating content for my personal brands, I work as a writer and publishing coordinator at Covenant Love Church and serve as a songwriter and staff worship leader.


Beautiful You

BEAUTIFUL YOU is a series of articles, personal journal entries, poems, podcasts and song lyrics that God has used to heal my heart and given me to speak to the subject of image, worth and identity in the souls of women from all walks of life and experiences. Beautiful You addresses trauma and relational abuse issues and puts you in touch with resources that can aid you in healing and overcoming your past.

The Worship Life

THE WORSHIP LIFE exists to provide biblical insight and inspiration for individuals who desire a deeper life of devotion to Christ and understanding of worship.



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“Our dear friend Psalmist Crisie Hutchings breathes life, anointing, and freedom into every place she ministers. I was personally transformed by the presence of God as she ministered. Crisie carries a unique gift that exposes everyone to what it truly means to be overwhelmed by the Love of our Abba Father! Rarely, have I met […]

Patrick & Karen Schatzline Evangelist & author Remnant Ministries International

I’ve had the extreme honor of knowing for about 10 years now. I have still to this day never met a woman I can compare to. Let me just be completely honest and say that she was one of the first worship leaders, songwriters, and musicians I’d met whom I believe with all my heart […]

Jennifer Lopez |Worship leader/Musician 2nd City Church, Chicago

“After a devastating season of grief and brokenness in my life and ministry, I was introduced to Crisie Hutchings Music and the Worship Life. I needed a saturation of God’s presence in my life and God used her music ministry as a form of healing from everything I had been through. Sitting under the Presence […]

Barbara Riley / Friend & Conference Attendee

Crisie Hutchings, is one of my favorite worship leaders. I have known her for at least ten years. I met Crisie during her time as the worship leader at Covenant Love Church. She has a fire and passion with not only an amazing voice but a true heart of a worshipper. She is a leader […]

Cindy Hunt | Clarion Call International Ministry