If You Don’t Plant, You Can’t Reap a Harvest

hands-with-plant-2What is it about our nature that wants it ALL and wants it all NOW? We know full well that it’s not possible but that doesn’t stop us from trying to attain it. Take any situation, whether it’s getting out of debt, losing weight, getting fit, learning something new. We don’t want to go thru the process we just want to be there. If we don’t see results quick we are tempted to give up and throw in the towel.

Take losing weight or exercising. This is one place where we have all struggled at some time or another. We begin a diet, or life change that includes eating healthier and exercise on a consistent basis. But when we don’t see the pounds melting off or the muscles bulging as quick as we want, we can get discouraged and quit. This indicates we have no staying power. No “stick-to-itiveness.”

But God has a plan that is much different than ours. His plan is called SEED TIME AND HARVEST. As my pastor says, “SEED. TIME. HARVEST.”

planting-seed_trowel-hands-seedsWe plant our seed. Then it takes time to grow. And then we reap our harvest. But we expect to plant and have a harvest overnight. And if you’re like me, and struggle with “all or nothing” thinking, it is very hard to endure until the harvest. Many times I wrestle with waiting or just enduring through the planting, the blade until I see the full corn in the ear.


For the last 5 years I have gone thru a grooling trial of chronic pain and physical problems in my body that made it almost impossible to do anything physical like walking, running, exercising, sleeping, laying down and playing. I have endured chronic pain in my body and vertigo (dizziness) issues which is debilitating, that caused me to lose hope in the Word of God and shook my faith to the core. Mentally, I knew God could help me and prayed and cried out, but I struggled to keep believing that it was actually possible. (For full details of my journey go to the bottom of ABOUT CRISIE on my blog site.)

Because of these issues, I became depressed to the point of just wanting to give up and go home to be with Jesus. Not suicidal thoughts but just, “I’m tired and I wanna go home” thoughts. But in the back of my mind, I kept hearing “Just do what you can.” I talked myself into beleiving that this was going to be too hard and only make me worse and each time I tried, I experienced spinning dizziness or pain and swelling so I gave up.

I knew it would be a very long and hard road back to health and strength. I had given up hope of every walking normal again for a long time much less having a normal exercise routine. But within the last year I determined that I was going to get my life back no matter what it cost but would become frustrated b/c I felt that if I couldn’t do it all then I couldn’t’ do it AT all. I complained to God that nothing was changing, but didn’t realize that I had some planting to do. I was expecting a harvest of health but wasn’t planting, physically. Oh sure, I planted in prayer and LOTS of crying out to God, but looked at the impossibility of the physical task and called it a day. I had that mindset for a long time.

Until I realized that if all I could do was a little, at least I could do something. He is restoring my faith, that I can do all things thru Christ and even if I can only do a little now, I can still do it. I have to ice my knees when I exercise until they get stronger but when those muscles get stronger that will go away.

The process for me has been a looming, hard road which I avoided for many years b/c it looked like I would never reap a harvest so I stopped planting all together. And guess what, if you stop planting, your hope of a harvest is an empty one. YOU MUST PLANT. IT IS UNAVOIDABLE. Planting is hard work, sweat, and seemingly futile work. Until you see that blade coming up from ground.Screen-Shot-2013-05-11-at-7_50_42-PM

Finally realizing this after all these years has given me new hope. With God’s Word and faith in His Word, I am planting daily; physically and spiritually. They might be little seeds but guess what, a mustard seed is the tiniest of all seeds, but God did say that’s all I needed.

Planting and Recovering,






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