imagesVB3OTIXJCould this whole thing be about love? I mean, could a Divine Father truly be longing for His children to the degree of death? Not a romantic idea of death, but an actual powerful event of deepest sacrifice and longing to ransom a son/daughter out of the clutches of an enemy bent on their destruction? Could this whole thing be about love? Not plastic love, superficial love or romantic love. But love as strong as death, jealousy demanding as the grave, a love that oceans cannot quench and floods cannot drown. A love that if a man gave all the wealth of his house for it, it would be utterly despised. Who wouldn’t want to be the object of that kind of love. Yet….we are! God’s love.

All the arguements of the world that we encounter and introduce about whether or not God is real or what God is all about can be reduced to this: For God so loved the world…. God is a lover and a warrior, whose intent is to crush darkness and shine light into the world so that we might know who He is. So that we might see. It’s not about religion. On the contrary…far from it. It is about love. His love for us! Us receiving that love and then pouring that love out to others.

God is about ransoming. Gathering in. Finding and bringing home everyone who is lost. If you have a child and have ever lost them in a grocery store or the mall or at home, you know the feeling you have of longing to find them, to embrace them and have them back where they belong.


The problem in this situation is some of the children have run away and don’t want to be found. They don’t want God, they don’t want to be found. They like doing life on their own, out from under the rules of the house and all the things that have been put in place to secure them but they believe rules are there to stop them from living fully. Only a parent who truly loves their kids, knows how untrue that is.

There we come back around to love. It’s all about love. Any how many, as children, didn’t understand their parents’ love or why they did certain things? Sure, we all did. And so it goes, with the world. We question God, wonder about Him and shout hatred to Him all the while thinking He has abandoned the world because of all we see taking place. But quietly and passionately He goes on loving and goes on with His plan. And we think that because evil things happen that God doesn’t care. If he did, why is there AIDS and starving children? Why isn’t He doing anything? Why isn’t He putting a stop to it?

Well, He is! He did! But no one is listening. No one is hearing Him. No one is laying down their life to follow Him and do His bidding. No one is trusting what He has said about Jesus Christ. Jesus died and rose from the dead to finish a work that God had planned from the beginning. A work to destroy the power of the devil and eradicate evil. And that work is finished. We just have to believe it. And therein, lies the problem. We look at outside circumstances as the guage as to whether or not God is working and that can never be the guage. He has eradicated evil in the hearts of men through His Son’s death and resurrection, because that is how evil comes into the world, thru the hearts of men.

STARVINGIt is the hearts of men who start wars thru greed and the desire for power and glory, pesitlence and politics that starves children and hatred that rapes and impregnates women with the AIDS virus and destroys civilizations. It is selfishness and pain in the heart that drives men and women to infidelity and abuse and drives mothers and fathers to hurt and abandon their children. It is self hatred in the heart through the voice of the accuser (the devil) that causes us to drown in the ocean of alcohol and drug abuse. It is guilt and shame that drives us to commit unspeakable acts against ourselves and others and causes us to reject love that we think we don’t deserve. But still we blame God!

The list goes on and on! But God has brought the solution, but mankind don’t want it. They love darkness better than light because their deeds are evil and to come to the light means exposure and men would rather stay hidden in darkness. So what do we say about this? Do we blame God? It’s easier to blame God than it is to look at the darkness of our own soul and admit we need saving. Much easier….so the darkness goes on. But light did come into the world….and He did bring light to men’s souls and those who will hear Him call and come to Him to be washed in blood do overcome the darkness and become light in this world for others.

imagesRXOVA86UThis is the gospel….the GOOD NEWS.! When is the last time that God has been good news to you? If you say never, than I venture to say it wasn’t the true Gospel that was presented to you. Because the true gospel is indeed…about love. And Mercy. Forgiveness and pardon. Our Father loves us with an everlasting love. He has never changed His mind about that.

But there is only small window of time left to give ourselves over to this love and believe Him. For in a little while, sooner than later, our God will fill the earth with a rage against evil such as the world has never known before. This rage will be against all ungodliness and evil and wickedness that men have done and rightfully so from His viewpoint. For He has poured out His mercy for generations to deaf ears and lying tongues and those who refuse Him and spurn His love and forgiveness. He is like an enraged lover who has laid down His life to love the object of His affection only to be rejected over and over again. And there will come a day when the sorrow of His heart will be poured out on all flesh and none will survive it.

But the good news is that He has provided a way of resue for those who believe in Him and trust that if we hide ourselves in Christ we will be saved from this wrath. This is the reality of mankind and his history to come. So let all those who have an ear, hear and respond to this great love!

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