My Life Resolution………

imagesNDWYF8UJ I enter into this new year with a sense of sobriety in many things.

The elements of darkness are blatent and very real- greed, murder, hate, indifference, self-righteousness…..

As I look upon all that tempts us, I see our greed. I see financial greed to the point of exploiting the weak to feed the insatiable lust of the strong. Not only financial greed but greed for recognition, greed to be the best or better than others, the greed for self improvement to the place of perfection or almost idealistic or idol status!

Even when I look at all the “just causes” in the earth, I almost wonder if they are established to truly meet a need or to obtain a certain status as “most worthy or most religious”. I wonder if the motive is to serve some kind of personal need for recognition as opposed to genuine care for others. I say that not to condemn but because I am asking myself these questions. Because I have seen this greed in me.

This need to be better and better. To self improve to a state of perfection, acceptance and recognition. The greed of being labeled the best, or worthy. I despise it. I have resolved to lay this thing down… put it to death once and for all…… to seek God’s Kingdom and His way of being right and just.

To hide myself in the perfecton of Christ, not seeking my own recognition but seeking to be found only in His righteousness. Not having my own power or prestige but to hide in Him and live abiding only in Jesus.

Let that sake, alone, be what I live for, work for and have all my being in.

Like Paul – to see the acquision of all I have, all I am and have been as a pile of rubbish in comparison to knowing Christ. To see it all as emptiness in light of or in search of knowing Him- Christ- the only true treasure.

If I am greedy, let if be to know Christ and to be found in Him, not having any righteousness of my own but to live only in the righteousness found in Christ, His Cross and Resurrection.

To give myself over to living in His life, His commands and His reality. To live in eternal life that has been given to me, a gift from the extravagant heart of my Father. To experience the height, the depth, the width and the breadth of His love that surpasses all knowledge. All learning, all degrees, all PHd’s. That surpasses all that can be learned in the universe to the highest degree. This love of His is higher.

It is this love I want forging thru every fiber of who I am, what I think, how I see, how I live, love and treat others.

Let this be my mission: to know and live this love. To apprehend that for which Christ Jesus apprehended me!!! My life, my creed, my purpose, my all!!!


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