The Groaning

*{The term “man” or “men” in this article refers to mankind=men & women}**********************************************************************

Our world is broken and most of us don’t have to look too far from our own front door to know that! We revel in all of our industry, progress and wisdom and we are none the better for it. Only worse. More greedy. More corrupt. More isolated than we have ever been.

We are able to see in a flash of our modem, all around the world. Yes, we can access all kinds of amazing things on video in a flash, but we can also witness depravity!   The other day, videos of students beating up teachers in the classroom were all over the internet and then teachers and officers apprehending and handling students. Videos of people harrasing one another on city buses and mass transit. Angry. Frustrated. Empty. Sadder still was that not one person stood up in anyone’s defense. We sat and watched and some even egged on the aggressors. It was fun. Sport. If we don’t think that is a problem then something is seriously wrong.

And something is wrong. Our world is decaying and the earth is groaning.

Yes! I am like one on the street corner announcing, THE END IS COMING! Because it is! The End has been coming since the beginning! [Gen.3] Since that day the door was opened for the murderer to bring his evil and control into the world. But in that very day, God decreed that One would come Who would  bruise and crush him. And so victory has come. Why then, does it appear victory is lost all over the earth? Because victory is lost only in the hearts of men.

Look at the hearts who have already looked to God for their value and strength. The are doing mighty exploits all over the earth. They are doing His bidding. Living out His will and heart in the earth. It is the hearts of men who refuse Him who are angry, hating and murdering. Because if they had His heart, there would be no murder in them.

You might argue that many profess to know God who are worse than those who don’t believe Him. And as true as this is, the truth further decrees that they do not know Him either.

It is not the man who commends himself to God that is justified but the man God commends. And dear one, God commends neither hatred, nor murder, nor slander, nor division. A man is God’s who walks as Jesus walked in this earth. No more or less God’s than this. Know and understand that God is Christ and if a man walks as Christ walks then he is God’s and can be counted on as such!  

Jesus said if you do not hear him and his words, you do not belong to him. [John 5: 24; 8: 42- 44] Period. No ifs, ands or buts about it. This is truth; if we hear and obey his words, we belong to him. That is simple Christianity and we have complicated it and said, “a Christian is this and that, and you can tell a Christian by this and that.” No, the Holy Spirit says simply, ” He who keeps God’s word truly the love of God has been perfected in Him. He who says he abides or belongs to God ought to walk as Jesus’ walked”.  [John 1: 5 & 6] Simple.

That is the test of a true disciple of Jesus. If he walks like Jesus walked.   Jesus walked in a constant state of surrender to the will of the Father. He said I don’t do anything I don’t see my Father do and I don’t say anything I don’t hear my Father say.” True disciples live in a constant state of surrender to the Word of God. Walking like Jesus walked. Listening to the Father like Jesus did. This is how you can discern if someone belongs to God!

And, yes, there are many who profess to know God who do not belong to God. This is true and so we must be wise and know what the Word says about such people.

So then, the victory has already been attained by Jesus but we don’t see the world conforming to that victory and the reason is because the hearts of men are refusing Him. And in refusing God, we make ourselves nothing and bring destruction to our own lives. There is life in no other. Jesus is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. There is no other rescue coming. There is no other Truth that dispels the LIE and makes darkness run. There is no other God!

But in our wisdom and arrogance we have deemed millions of other gods, lord over our lives and they are worshiped daily.  The god of greed, power and corruption. The god of intellect and self-improvement. The gods of slavery, sex and human trafficking. The god of pornography and self-gratification. Listen! A god that can be molded into the image of a man or creature or that can be molded AT ALL is no God!

A god that can be dictated to by mankind and created by him is no god!!!!

Therefore man makes himself god and in doing so, brings destruction upon his own soul. How can broken man be god? How can the broken heal anything? How can the murderer bring life? How can the liar profess any truth? How can this be?? But we, mankind, have made it so and are the worse for it!!!

Grief has consumed our world. But to the glory of God because in this grief, the Consoler and Counselor will arise to bring healing and salvation. This we know and are confident of that Jesus has spoiled principalities and powers and made a show of them openly thriumphing over them in the cross. It is already finished. What is already finished? The victory! The fight of light over darkness! The salvation of the whole earth! It is finished and we, man, must come into the light and see the beauty that is His alone and trust that in Him we are valued, loved and kept safe and sound.

Let Christ be glorified in all!


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