Do You Have the Courage of Martin Luther King, Jr.?

What do Moses, Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr. have in common? What sets them and others along side them, apart from other men and women in history who have accomplished great things? Those who’ve demonstrated tremendous feats of courage and bravery and toppled kingdoms and won victories?

What sets them apart is……..FAITH!

But, not faith as you may think. Yes, they had faith in God, fundamentally, but they also had faith that what they heard from God could be accomplished THROUGH THEM!!

You see, it’s one thing to believe IN God, it’s well another to BELIEVE God.

These men, though their faith in what God told them to DO is what sets them apart from others. They not only heard God but ACTED to obey and fulfill the plans of God to bring about the deliverance of people! In Jesus’ case, he brought life to the entire world and all the generations that every lived and will ever live on the face of the earth!

And you may say, “well, He was God!” And rightly so. However, He was born a man who had to trust and depend on His Father, just as we do! He also had to depend on the power of God to accomplish all the Father commanded Him.

Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who heard a divine call for justice in the earth and gave his very life to defend and accomplish it!

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Moses, who argued with God initially about his smallness but took God at His word and marched forward to deliver an entire nation out of the hands of slavery and tyranny!

We look at these men and think they are somehow different from us. Somehow, superhuman. Somehow, greatness was their destiny but not ours! We see them as “other” than who we are capable of being but they were not.

The simply believed what they heard from God and ACTED upon it! Yes! It took courage! Yes! It meant laying down their lives! But they were not alone as God was WITH THEM!

And therein, is the difference, is it not?

The power and the courage! The looking beyond our own lives to see the greater cause! To see the greater end! We think ourselves small, and we are. But with the power of God Almighty, who sees all and knows all and knows what is needed in every situation, we can accomplish and do battle for great things.

Don’t be foolish to think it is any small thing to deliver a nation or save a people or turn the world upside down. It will take all the courage we have! It will require facing evil and looking it straight in the eye! There is no negotiating with evil! It will not negotiate, it seeks to kill, steal and destroy WITHOUT MERCY!

And so we must be relentless in the face of it to hold onto God, believe and ACT!!!

My desire is to be a woman of ACTION! Oh, I can talk a good game but can I back it up with courage and actions that will really make a difference? Not to become a hero, but to “be without fear in the face of my enemies, be brave and upright that God may love me, speak the truth always, even if it leads to my death, safeguard the helpless and do no wrong”.

This is actually the knight’s oath from the movie Kingdom of Heaven! And although this is just a movie, God gives us a similar command, “do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.” “Love others as you love yourself” , “take care of widows and orphans in their distress and keep yourself unspotted from the world”. All noble and upright actions! But how many of us truly uphold them in all we do!

Very few, “many are called, few are chosen”, broad and wide is the way that leads to destruction but narrow is the way that leads to life and few there be who find it”.

Corruption, selfish gain, deceit and greed, all part of our world and our hearts, if we are not careful. We can only accomplish God things with God and so we shall!!

Our days are growing more and more dark and not only those who follow God recognize it but all who have eyes to see. More and more we are tempted to give in to our own whims and fears without regard for others or the consequences our actions or inactions will produce. But God is calling us to greater more humble things than these!

You don’t have to be Martin Luther King, Jr. to make a difference, just follow Christ in your family, in your place of business, in your relationships and YOU WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!

God is calling to the entire world to, first, come to Him and then to co-labor with Him in the earth to deliver the nations!

What say you, as we celebrate the bravery and history of Martin Luther King, Jr.? Who, by the way didn’t accomplish a black thing but a mankind thing. Who not only championed the civil rights of African Americans but ALL  Americans!

God sent him as He is sending all of us to champion the same. “Is there not a cause” as spoken by a young boy who would be king, David, who faced the giant of his day to slay him with a sling and a stone….and his faith in God Almighty!

What is God speaking to you today? What has he told you to do or act upon that you fear? Believe today, that if God can find one man to stand in the gap, he can deliver an entire nation! Perhaps your nation!!!

May Christ be glorified in all!

Crisie Heart1



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