Do you have a “True North” and What is it?

Faith shapes us all. Whether we believe in the existence of God or not, we still have beliefs or personal creeds we live by. And those beliefs shape our lives. They motivate our behavior, the dreams we dream and ultimately the lives we live. Personal beliefs come from our culture, the environments we are raised in and life experiences and when these are our sources, those beliefs can change with each experience or shift in cultural influences.

What we believe and the values we hold is the compass that guides our lives; and when we don’t have an internal compass we look to the culture, our experiences and the opinions of others to become that compass because we don’t possess a “true north” within ourselves.

What is your “true north”? The voice of your parents? A trusted friend? The experience you had that you swore you were never going to go through again? The shout of the culture that tells you what is right and wrong, good, bad or indifferent? What holds you steady when the world is shaking all around you?

There are a lot of voices out there screaming into our hearts and they are all vying for “lordship” over our belief system. Because they know that if they can capture that position as “lord” they can rule our lives and the outcome of how our lives impact others. THAT, my friend is the motive! To rule, to reign so that the outcome of the entire human race is moving in the direction of whoever is “lord” in your heart!

You might say, “no one is ‘lord’ over me but me”, but friend, I assure you, your belief system came from someone or somewhere and that belief system is “lord” in your heart.

This is true. It would behoove us to take inventory of what holds sway over our hearts. The Bible says the entire world is under the “sway” of the wicked one. [1 John 5:19] The influences of our world are controlled by the enemy of our soul who wants only our destruction and harm. But God has sent His Son so that those who believe in Him should be rescued from that influence to live a life of freedom and joy! And not only that, but to also give us an internal compass [The Holy Spirit] that will lead us into all truth! To be with us forever!

Who wouldn’t want that compass for life?

Let Christ be glorified in all!

Crisie Heart1




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