The “Beautiful You” Project…..Healing for the Souls of Women

Throughout my life, I have been and have encountered women who are hiding. Hiding because shame, abuse, failures, and comparisons that keep them from expressing the fullness of their beauty and strength that God ordained for them.

It is my passion to speak life into these broken places and see woman everywhere, from all walks of life break out of shame and take flight.

I have wrestled, personally, throughout life to embrace and love myself, and strongly believe that this struggle is not personal to me but universal to us all. I believe it is the central place of our brokenness and when healed, becomes a wellspring of life that can touch and heal the entire human race.

The “Beautiful You” Project is a series of articles, poems, song lyrics that God has used to heal my heart and given me to speak to the subject of image and worth in the souls of women from all walks of life and experiences. It is called a “project” because our transformation is on-going.



Let Christ be glorified in all!!



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