I met a lady quite lovely Yet outwardly some would say not A spirit soaring with purpose Is her spirit Her heart She is grateful So grateful But has nothing But a wheelchair and black filled garbage bags She lives on a sidewalk Her home Her place of belonging And she wrecked my life Simply [...]


Wide open spaces beckon Come breath Come sing The harsh cold wind blows in the distance A reminder The familiar A faint voice Weakened by my awakening Now a distance memory I can still feel it I can still taste the hopeless It's dark damp Moving farther and farther away From my present From my [...]

PODCAST/ 06.07.19

Letting go is hard to define. It means something different to everyone. This episode will help you take steps to let go of pain, trauma, and disappointment. With the help of the cross and grace, you can take this very important step into freedom from shame and live a beautiful life!   [I'd love to [...]

PODCAST/ 06.01.19

  Are you a people pleaser or crave other people's approval. It's ok to admit, if so. Healing can't come unless we own up to where we are. This week's podcast can help you and actually heal you if you put it into practice. I'm going to show you how to overcome in this area [...]