It's been a few weeks since I've done a podcast, but I had to share with you what God has been speaking to my heart about COMPROMISE. By stepping into the world of the prophet Jeremiah and exposing my own battle with compromise, I hope you'll be provoked to stand in courage when God says [...]


I never learned to honor the woman that is me Rarely, if ever, did I see what it looked like Permission to breathe or even exist I thought was necessary And so I begged Pleaded for the space to belong To be approved To be validated To be And so I partnered with the lie [...]


The road home is like a long yesterday I can’t forget A distant memory that’s constant, present Trying to revive some long ago A gift from days gone by. The road home has felt like a great returning But can’t seem to find my footing In the place that calls me The place of quiet, [...]


My heart longs for wide-open spaces My soul, for the Kingdom of God Jesus, walking among us His disciples given away To His purpose His bidding His divine intent Intent as He was when He walked here Listening only for the Divine whisper The course set for freedom The road set on pilgrimage My lot, [...]


Mark 9: 49 “For everyone will be seasoned with fire......." Jesus is speaking here in the context of offense in the verses that come before. In essence, telling his followers not to offend others and that if anything in their life causes them to sin, cut it off, pluck it out and so on!  Better to [...]


Through the valley of the shadow of death My footsteps you alight Your rod and staff, my comfort here You’re Presence my delight The shadows mock, the darkness jeers They seek my trust's demise Your promise calls to silence them You're peace my joy and prize This is no brief encounter here Its crucible endures [...]