I’m a follower of Jesus Christ and through most of that life, I’ve lived striving for perfection. Well, when things began to breakdown in my soul, I entered a crisis of faith that changed my life and my faith forever! When you’re faith is tested beyond what you have the power to endure, that’s when you lean on God for dear life. You can’t know what you truly believe and are convinced of unless what you believe is put in the fire and proved. And that’s what this season of my life has been all about!

I confronted God with the question “where are you,”? Putting on my mask in church and serving in ministry while struggling and hurting inside. My blogs, music, and poetry are about God being God in the middle of the chaos and me coming out of that dark place to discover the immovable, immutable character of God Who holds all things together, including me in the midst of every fire.

God is teaching me to live wholeheartedly and authentically to who He’s created me to be. I share that journey here!

The core message in the content and inspiration here is that we are deeply and completely loved and accepted by God and in abiding in that love, we live and move and have our being. The enemy of our souls is a liar and the father of lies and is always causing us to doubt the integrity of God, just like he did Adam and Eve. This blog and the messages of my life are about my journey of walking through darkness and God forging a trust in me through His unchanging Word and the comfort of His Spirit, that cannot be shaken!

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My prayer is that you’ll be met here with the Spirit of God and Grace for transformation and healing.

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