Mark 9: 49 “For everyone will be seasoned with fire......." Jesus is speaking here in the context of offense in the verses that come before. In essence, telling his followers not to offend others and that if anything in their life causes them to sin, cut it off, pluck it out and so on!  Better to [...]


I met a lady quite lovely Yet outwardly some would say not A spirit soaring with purpose Is her spirit Her heart She is grateful So grateful But has nothing But a wheelchair and black filled garbage bags She lives on a sidewalk Her home Her place of belonging And she wrecked my life Simply [...]

Christmas Wonder

I love winter. I revel in the stillness and find solace in the quiet. All of life seems to slow done, except maybe during the Christmas holidays where it can get pretty crazy in everyone's house. But even then, there is a return to simplicity, joy and rest. A season of anticipation, a gathering of [...]