You’re So Sensitive! (PT 2)

You're reading PART 2 of "You're So Sensitive." If you haven't read part one, you can find it HERE! PART 2 is so important because, for all the information available, the transformation industry, and wisdom out there to help us transform our lives; true and lasting transformation only comes from one place...God and His Word/Truth. [...]


This poem is about a woman trying to serve her family while the demons of the past haunt her. They spoke death and doubt to her. She mustered up the strength to raise a family in the midst of the mental onslaught with her Redeemer by her side. It may seem dark to some, but [...]


Wide open spaces beckon Come breath Come sing The harsh cold wind blows in the distance A reminder The familiar A faint voice Weakened by my awakening Now a distance memory I can still feel it I can still taste the hopeless It's dark damp Moving farther and farther away From my present From my [...]

PODCAST/ 06.07.19

Letting go is hard to define. It means something different to everyone. This episode will help you take steps to let go of pain, trauma, and disappointment. With the help of the cross and grace, you can take this very important step into freedom from shame and live a beautiful life!   [I'd love to [...]

Saying Goodbye

With the onset of the Christmas season, we revive our dearest holiday memories and they bring tremendous joy and cheer to our hearts. My favorites are days off from school with Christmas songs blaring "Joy to the World", baking Christmas cookies with my mother and sisters. We used to make "whoopie pies"! Do you know [...]


I want to share a story with you. A true story. One that is very moving but extremely disturbing, yet, needs to be heard. A story that is very relevant to your life and mine. This story is about wounds. Tremendous wounds. But before I show you the story, I want to talk for a [...]

Comparison Meltdown

melt·downˈmeltˌdoun/ noun noun: meltdown; plural noun: meltdowns a disastrous event, especially a rapid fall in share prices. informal an outburst of severe emotional distress; a nervous breakdown. 2. an accident in a nuclear reactor in which the fuel overheats and melts the reactor core or shielding. Meltdown has a few definitions, but the one I'd [...]

God in The Broken Place

  "Let me feel you in this broken place. Let me feel Your breath upon my face. 'Cuz everything I've trusted in, has been such a waste, if I don't see you in this broken place." I recall when I ministered this song in a conference, once, and as the words came out of my [...]