I want to share a story with you. A true story. One that is very moving but extremely disturbing, yet, needs to be heard. A story that is very relevant to your life and mine. This story is about wounds. Tremendous wounds. But before I show you the story, I want to talk for a [...]

Fighting the Battle of Self-Rejection

Self-rejection is a taboo subject because it contains so many implications. Yet, millions of us, the majority, women, engage in this practice daily. Some to very severe degrees to the point of eating disorders, domestic violence, drug additions, self-mutilation and self-abasement of the worst kinds. In this week's podcast, we'll discuss some of the origins [...]

When You’re Nobody

(My blog today may not seem very encouraging. It's my attempt to be known and my reaching out to others who might be in the same place as me. You are not alone!!) Have you ever felt like nobody? Invisible? Unseen? Unknown? Have you ever felt like the world is moving forward without you? Without [...]

The Lie That Steals Our Beauty

*{The term "man" or "men" in this article refers to mankind=men & women unless otherwise specified}********************************************************************** Do you know we have been fed a LIE? Not just any lie, but THE LIE. And that LIE has stripped us of our value to the lowest common denominator. Common is the operative word here. We have all [...]

Taking Back Our Health!

Healthcare professionals are wonderful gifts from God! They help us in trauma, and life threatening situations and can help us answer some of the most complex questions we have about our health. But we cannot get to the place where we give all of our power and choices for health over to them. I have come to understand through battling [...]

Come Out! Come Out! Whoever You Are!

You are not "less than, minimal, powerless, inconsequential or sub-human, or less than others." Others are not "more important, superiour, smarter, prettier or more wanted". You are not "invisible, unwanted, despised, rejected". You are not "small, without". You count. You are valuable and matter greatly. God has created you ON PURPOSE!! You were His idea. [...]