GOLDEN (A Tribute)

Golden Her hair was golden Waves like the sea Eyes like sapphire Golden Her heart was golden Take you in Like her own Love you home Golden Words like honey Could wrap you up Make you feel wanted Golden Sunshine in her smile Mischief in her glance Open arms Those open arms Golden Like a [...]

All I Know of You

//The following is a song that I wrote when I was going through a great time of struggle and suffering. When all my understanding comes unraveled And all I've known as certain starts to shake When every question meets with utter silence I can feel the break. I can feel the break   When the [...]


The road home is like a long yesterday I can’t forget A distant memory that’s constant, present Trying to revive some long ago A gift from days gone by. The road home has felt like a great returning But can’t seem to find my footing In the place that calls me The place of quiet, [...]

Christmas Wonder

I love winter. I revel in the stillness and find solace in the quiet. All of life seems to slow done, except maybe during the Christmas holidays where it can get pretty crazy in everyone's house. But even then, there is a return to simplicity, joy and rest. A season of anticipation, a gathering of [...]


"My God's not dead, He's surely alive. He's living on the inside roaring like a lion." This was a song written by Daniel Bashta made popular by David Crowder Band and Newsboys. A song of revival and spiritual revolution. When I think about all the revolutions in the earth and our country, they started with a [...]

“Thy Kingdom Come!”

God is returning community to ministry. The way it began in the book of Acts in the Bible. Actually, in Genesis. If you look at it, God always began with an individual or a family; Abraham, Noah. A community of people or person who loved and served Him. With these, He would change the world! [...]

What’s Important to God?

I have always been astounded at what is important to God. That's why I hate religion! And I believe that's why Jesus hated religion too. It was because of how unlike God religion was in Jesus' day. Always has been and still is today! For instance, when God is evaluating his people at the end of [...]

Then Love Walked in the Room

The devastation and disappointment of their friend's death must have been more than they could bear. The confusion. The disbelief and feelings of despair had to be overpowering. After all that Jesus had told them and had been to them and now, he was dead. On top of that, the shame they felt for having scattered and left Jesus to [...]