Temporary Things

These temporary things These light afflictions Can’t compare To the glory found in me When I walk through this valley On my knees Wielding sword Or quietly trusting Both are in me Wreathing in pain Yet crying out in victory You’re never going To leave me So I will rest like Babe on breast Love [...]


The warrior may buckle Contending for the faith But she will not be broken Her Champion sustains All she puts her trust in Through tears that stain her face.   There is no retreat Though at times She does long for it As she wearies As she wonders Then courage, it awakes her To keep [...]


Wide open spaces beckon Come breath Come sing The harsh cold wind blows in the distance A reminder The familiar A faint voice Weakened by my awakening Now a distance memory I can still feel it I can still taste the hopeless It's dark damp Moving farther and farther away From my present From my [...]

The Making of a Warrior

Is it possible that you are living, right now, in an answer to a desperate prayer you prayed? A prayer you whispered or fervently cried out to God with tears and burning in your heart to be molded into the image of Christ? Crying out that you wanted more of God? Prayers that you would be strengthened against the evil [...]

When You Want to Give Up

So many reasons to give up. And they all make perfect sense, but something will not let go. Something holding you up. A voice calling you onward. Calling you to your future. The place where the dream in your heart is realized. The deep longings of your heart that yearn to be tasted and held. [...]

The Posture of Worship

Today, I was looking for pictures in a "Google" search of the word WORSHIP. This is what I was inundated with: We see the lights, the stages and yes, the hands lifted. And, although I understand the concept and agree it is about the children of God coming together to worship God, if this is the image [...]