"Why can't you just move on?" I can't count the times I've been told this statement or heard it said to others in conversation. And the truth be told, the proper response to that question is, "I don't know how." Have you ever tried to break a bad habit or establish a new one in [...]


Between the breaking and coming true Is a place where everything shakes My absolutes Between the Promise and the destitute Is my faith forged in the wake Of all I believe about You And my reason is consumed Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash Between the sorrow and the joy that comes in the morning [...]

Wrestling Death

Cannot this hope keep silent While I mourn still more Not ready to give up Not ready to sleep In peace that is calling my soul I'm crazy you must think To withhold from myself The soft light of daybreak The kiss of the sun To hold on to all that is left Left of [...]


I used to believe that life was certain or that I could orchestrate events to make it that way. But I am finding that to be untrue. The only certain thing in the universe is that God loves me and nothing that happens in my life can ever separarate me from that love, EVER! That [...]

What is Faith anyway????

How many expressions have you heard that use the word "faith"? "Keep the faith", "where is your faith?", "leap of faith", "act of faith"....and many more. Well, what is faith, anyway?? I have come to some conclusions about "faith" that I want to share with you and encourage you in your FAITH! Now faith is [...]

Misplaced Allegiance = Misplaced Worship

WORSHIP is not about our music, it's about our allegiance! (loyalty or commitment of a subordinate to a superior or of an individual to a group or cause. Loyalty , faithfulness, fidelity ,obedience, homage, devotion.) Our adversary is not after our song, he wants our allegiance! He wants our obedience. He wants our worship. He wants us to profane God's [...]

The Battle for Middle Earth

If you are familiar at all with J.R.R. Tolkien, you know Middle Earth.  Middle-Earth is the setting of much of Tolkien's writing that forms the background to his LORD OF THE RINGS. Gondor, Isengard, Rohan, Minas Tirith, Rivendell, The Shire and more ....all regions within Middle Earth. And of course, who can forget, Mordor! All these regions had [...]