Sweetly on the breeze  He calls me  To the quiet  Unbreakable  Silence  Photo by Sajad Nori on Unsplash To come away  And live  Leaving the days gone by  To pack them away  And cherish  Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash The falling leaves  His hand held out  To lead me  To peaceful rhythms  Surrender the [...]


The silence is deafening Where the secret lives It mocks and scorns Taunts and poisons Weaves the lie The fault is hers Here is where The menace moves Salivates to confuse Here in dark And shadows deep Perversion awakes The innocent weep The moon is full Alighting bright Illuminates The room at night But still [...]

GOLDEN (A Tribute)

Golden Her hair was golden Waves like the sea Eyes like sapphire Golden Her heart was golden Take you in Like her own Love you home Golden Words like honey Could wrap you up Make you feel wanted Golden Sunshine in her smile Mischief in her glance Open arms Those open arms Golden Like a [...]


Innocence Pure and beautiful Unreserved Wide open Trust It's currency Photo by Karina Vorozheeva on Unsplash Oh so rich in wonder love abundant Laugher It's language Photo by Justin DoCanto on Unsplash Darkness comes To wound To steal To kill The soul Of innocence Photo by Beckett Ruiz on Unsplash Grief Sorrow it's offering Photo [...]


Longing Buried beneath every question Beneath disappointment It calls out Photo by Henrique Hanemann on Unsplash Longing It weeps beneath the rubble of past mistakes of wounds so deep Photo by David Clode on Unsplash Longing It moves Within me Tossed and swelling Photo by Abdul Azeez Garbadeen on Unsplash Bellowing Whispering Alive Latent yet [...]

All I Know of You

//The following is a song that I wrote when I was going through a great time of struggle and suffering. When all my understanding comes unraveled And all I've known as certain starts to shake When every question meets with utter silence I can feel the break. I can feel the break   When the [...]

Let Love……

Your love. Deeper than the darkest ocean. Touching my depths. Healing the wound that came when hearts turn away from you. Healing the hurt I never knew owned so much of my soul. It has to be deep, love,  to go down so far. To go down into the lost places. lost hope. lost love. lost sight. [...]


The silence is a lullaby that sings me into peace. And yesterday is quiet now as past, it is deceased. No longer, can I hear the sound of the howling of the pain. The heartbreak just a passage to my life now wide-awake. Awake to joy where sorrow loomed. Awake to hope, swallowed the doom. [...]

Temporary Things

These temporary things These light afflictions Can’t compare To the glory found in me When I walk through this valley On my knees Wielding sword Or quietly trusting Both are in me Wreathing in pain Yet crying out in victory You’re never going To leave me So I will rest like Babe on breast Love [...]


The warrior may buckle Contending for the faith But she will not be broken Her Champion sustains All she puts her trust in Through tears that stain her face.   There is no retreat Though at times She does long for it As she wearies As she wonders Then courage, it awakes her To keep [...]


You are my Comfort in the howling wind The Steadfast of my heart within You are the Promise I am clinging to When the Liar weaves his tale untrue Hope against all hope You are Light in the deepest dark You’ll be In laughter or in tears My heart will declare God You are good, [...]


It's a rare gift when a parent receives a moment in time that resolves all the moments that came before it. This poem is the memory of one such gift. Dedicated to my daughter for her strength, resilience, and devotion to love! The gleam in her eyes as he rounded the corner gave her heart [...]