Our understanding of biblical worship is critical to the longevity and life of our music ministries and, more importantly, the people who serve in them. We have to understand that our worship is more than entertainment but the very essence of our lives and relationship with God. If we do not realize that our worship is our life, then we will pick and chose times of devotion to God and departmentalize our lives and service to one another.

My passion is to help people understand these truths for their own personal growth and the growth of their teams. My experience in the Ministry of Worship in the local church, for over 20 years, has greatly impacted my perspective on what God desires from us concerning worship. This experience inspires  the message; that is to challenge, through the scriptures, our “musical” concept of worship, revealing a “life of worship” that God desires beyond our songs.

My experience in Music Ministry in the Church


  • Full time, spans 20 years with concentration in the Ministry of Music and Worship as a participant and a Director.
  • Functioned in the following capacity:  Choir, band, worship team, worship leader and Worship Director for over 10 years.
  • Leading congregational worship with experience in several venues,
  • Overseeing teams and events;
  • Leading worship and speaking and ministering on the subject of worship at events and conferences.

If you believe that my experience and message would benefit you, your team or group, please complete the form below and I will personally contact you.

I appreciate your support and am honored to serve you.

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