THE WORSHIP LIFE is about Jesus and the Love of the Father that was shown through Jesus’ Life, Death, and Resurrection! It’s about using every medium I know, to declare that love and make Him known!

It’s about worship as a life, not just a song!

WORSHIP is such an intangible thing; a mystery of sorts! Though it’s often resigned to music, its influence in our lives is immeasurable! It ambushes every area of our hearts and lives and dictates what we live and believe about God!

So, where is its origin? How does worship begin in our hearts?

Worship begins with God and His love for us! Love that doesn’t wait for us to get it together to demonstrate itself (Romans 5:8). But love that risks it all and lays down its life for the beloved!

And, when we collide with that LOVE, it transforms ALL of life!

It’s this love that is the foundation of our worship!

My life’s work has been serving God with the gift of music and writing to encourage and help people live the revolution that is the Love of God. My heart is to bring hope and tools to help you live a meaningful and Yes!, powerful life of faith in the midst of disappointment and the struggles of life; to bring healing in the broken places of your life and to inspire you to live in the glorious freedom of the love of God!! To say goodbye to striving and return to the simplicity that is in Christ (2 Corinthians 11:3) and trust that you are loved and accepted completely.

The music and the message here is for regular people that love God and are walking out their worship in everyday life. Loving their families, being faithful in their work and communities; musicians, songwriters and worship leaders, those on and off platforms; in the highways and byways of our cities. It’s for those in the marketplace and in our churches. And anyone who longs to dive deeper into the love of God and find their identity as His beloved son and daughter!

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Crisie Hutchings