Our Team

It’s rare to meet people who share the same heart and values as you do, but they do exist.

In fact, they exist in the team that helps fulfill the message of THE WORSHIP LIFE and the music you’ll find here. I am more than excited to have these great friends and fellow team members  impacting the world with the message of God’s love.

Josiah [percussion] and Candace [vocals/writer] Carle are a wonderful part of the team that works to spread, not only the music in my heart, but theirs as well.

Josiah, Candace and I have lead the Night of Worship  for the annual, Face 2 Face Regional Women’s Conference of Covenant Love Church  for over five years, along with a great team of other worshipers. The Carle’s are both wonderful musicians and worshipers in their own lives and ministries. We share the same heart for God, worship and sharing the message of His love and hope in song and for advancing His Kingdom and His values in the world. Their heart for ministering to the hurting is powerful!

They have a tremendous testimony of loss and how to navigate faith when it gets messy and is not picture perfect. Candace is an amazing songwriter who is reflective and honest about the road she’s walked. She makes no bones about her struggles but is very clear about where her hope comes from. Her recent launch of More Thank Pockets is one way she spreads that hope and her faith.

Josiah, is filled with courageous musical curiosity and boldness to try new things in his craft. My hope is that by hanging out with him, I can develop some of that for myself. It is purely selfish! His desire for truth and authenticity in his own life is unrelenting. It provokes and convicts me. He is kind and reflects the heart of compassion that our Father has for the world. That too, I want to glean from him.

We can’t forget their son, Malachi, who is an adventurer all his own and keeps them overflowing with joy and motion! They are the personification of the children of God.

Get ready, people, for what God is going to do through them!