Two central messages are the core of all I communicate. One is THE WORSHIP LIFE, the heartbeat of God for all of life. In essence, it’s the truth that worship in more than singing it is a life surrendered to God across the board! The worship begins with God’s love for us (1John 4:9)

The other message is The Beautiful You Project, a message about healing from shame, coming out of the shadows and showing up fully for your life. In this passion, is the longing to see people come into the wonderful revelation that they are completely loved and accepted by God through His Son Jesus and out of that love, live a beautiful life!

Photo by Vin Stratton on Unsplash

So many of us struggle in life to accept ourselves and believe that there is a God who is inviting us into a deeply personal and transforming relationship with Him BECAUSE He loves us. The whole point in Jesus’ coming and sacrifice was to reconcile us to the Father’s heart (2 Cor. 5:18) and now He has given us that ministry to declare reconciliation and that is what I’m all about!

And last but not least…..MUSIC!